Tender nghĩa là gì


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a vehicle used for transporting water, wood, or coal, especially one that is pulled behind a railway engine or used by the fire service
a small boat that is used for transporting people or goods from the l& lớn a larger boat or from the larger boat khổng lồ the land:
a small piece of chicken breast meat, usually breaded và fried, or a cut of chicken from the tenderloin:
submit a tender (to lớn do/for sth) The company said it will submit tenders to develop three oil fields in the area.

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a method of choosing the best company lớn supply goods or bởi vì a job by asking several companies lớn make offers for the work:
an occasion when a company sells new shares to lớn those who make offers for them above a particular lowest price. The company calculates the strike price (= final price lớn be paid) in relation lớn the total dem& and the prices offered:
If you buy shares in the retail tender offer, they will be không tính tiền of transfer charges for up to 42 days after allocation.

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tender for sth Next month companies will be invited khổng lồ tender for a new international telecommunications system.
However, not all patients progress as quickly &, as the inflammation resolves, the arterial wall becomes thickened & tender with the pulse still present.
His young namesake, who duly appears a few numbers on, is evidently in no danger of suffering the fate of those tender babes.
He hoped that no changes would be made to the old customary estates và tendered a proviso to that effect.
Deprived of every tender care, exposed to all the dangers và difficulties of hostile operations in another quarter of the globe.
It is intended that municipalities foster competition và lower prices through open tenders for the service contracts.