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Established in 2015, We – Team counted up to 200 employees has been widely known as a business on Youtube platform with 6-year-experience in producing animation for Kids. Our mission is lớn inspire targeted audience – Kids – through effectively describing the typical character traits of children such as courage, teamwork, integrity, creativity, gratitude, humility, curiosity, perseverance, etc.

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Up khổng lồ now, has been listed in đứng đầu 10 companies in video clip production and doing business on social platforms. We also proudly own WOANETWORK, a popular branding system with more than 10,000 videos.




WOA Luka is a 3D-stop-motion project making by clays, talking about the story of Luka, family and friends. It is well-designed for helping Kids & parents recognize good behaviors and essential life skills.

For Kids from 3-8 years oldSubscribers: 3.3 millionsThe number of videos: More than 700Top traffic: 95.000.000 views/monthA Golden Button on Youtube


Wolfoo is 2D-animation project telling about a “cute” wolf and two best friends named Pando & Kat. Wolfoo provides Kids with entertainment time of smiles and happiness as well as highly-educational lessons.

• For Kids from 3-8 years old• New episodes from Monday to Saturday• The number of videos: More than 1150• đứng top traffic: 130.000.000 views/month• 2 Golden Buttons on Youtube



A “true” story about the character – Clay Mixer – who have idealistic shape born from a real clay mixer. Thanks for his girlfriend Tiny’s help, he find himself the sense of humor to get through any daily silly struggle.

• For Kids from 15 years old & above• Subscribers: 2.2 millions• The number of videos: More than 380• vị trí cao nhất traffic: 68.000.000 views/month• A Golden Button on Youtube



Max’s Puppy Dog is known as a traditional frame-by-frame 2d animation channel delivering black-comedy stories of the silly character Max. It is made for purpose of audience’s entertainment.

• For Kids from 15 years old & above• Interesting with the new storytelling• New episodes on Tuesday và Friday• The number of videos: More than 560• đứng top traffic: 9.000.000 views/month


Well known for significant content such as WOA Luka, Clay Mixer, Wolfoo, … with more than 50 million subscribers & widely loved by all the audiences in the world.

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Outstanding creators & productions collaborations make huge brands beyond imagines.


Superior inventory with scale provided to lớn develop in any platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Tiktok, Bilibili, Toutiao,… and broadcasting creating more than 1,500,000,000 monthly views.


Impressive ability in managing and developing channels to lớn make them big and profitable. More than 20.000 original videos are being exploited impressively & remarkable potential cooperation projects with international partners are on running.


Through the impressive social truyền thông media promotion campaigns to lớn achieve sale and branding goals as well as expand strongly the influence in the most popular social networking sites on the Internet & gained magnificent results.


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* truyền thông media Llc was established in năm ngoái and has been supported by two big subsidiaries và the production team up khổng lồ 500 members. Channel is well-known as the most popular ID contents on Youtube.

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We have owned WOANETWORK popular branding system with more than 10,000 videos. We are also proud khổng lồ collaborate with the top worldwide network to develop nội dung in the MMO field.