What Is P2P Network Sharing?


Leverage the fundraising power of community.

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Start a movement in a snap by empowering your supporters to lớn collect donations on your behalf through their own personalized chiến dịch pages.






Easily convert your donors inkhổng lồ fundraisers. Sover them a direct link lớn create their own page or point them to lớn the “I Want to lớn Fundraise for This” button on your Campaign Page.
Empower your fundraisers with tips, templates & ideas for spreading the word, helping them to reach out to their family, friends and colleagues.
Let donors and their networks work on your behalf, netting your nonprofit the rewards of increased awareness of your mission and a broader donor base.
Fundraisers can include your livestreamed or recorded broadcasts through services lượt thích YouTube, Vimeo and Zoom.

Its annual People-Powered Challenge inspired 40 individual fundraisers, each with a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page, lớn raise $65,000+.

Their Moving Mountains campaign motivated 3,200+ fundraisers, each with an individual Peer-to-Peer Fundraising page.

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This individual fundraiser exceeded her $15,000 goal, part of a $50,000+ team effort boosting a Giving Tuesday Now campaign to lớn $125,000+.

Does my organization need social truyền thông media experience khổng lồ make fundraising successful through Give sầu Lively?
Good news! If you use email for your nonprofit’s communication, then you have the skills needed to start fundraising for Give Lively. 

You vì not have lớn use social truyền thông to successfully fundraise with Give Lively, however we have sầu optimized how our platkhung can be used on social truyền thông, making it easy to giới thiệu campaigns for both nonprofits and supporters-- even with little social truyền thông experience.

There are buttons on each campaign page for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, tin nhắn và copying the links for the page for sharing in an Instagram bio or elsewhere. The branding & images on your chiến dịch page are optimized for social sharing, too, so you can rest assured your nonprofit will look sharp on social truyền thông.

To see case-studies of how other nonprofits have sầu used campaign pages, click here.

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How can my nonprofit make the most of peer-based fundraising?
Although there are many pathways to lớn success, here are five sầu ways lớn maximize the effectiveness of your peer-based fundraising efforts:

1. Pichồng the peer-based chiến dịch type that best matches your fundraising strategy, such as time-based campaigns, rolling campaigns or a giving day. 

2. Enable Give sầu Lively’s Peer-to-Peer Fundraising and/or Team Fundraising products and mix goals in just a few clicks.

3. Actively recruit fundraisers.

4. Set up your fundraisers for success with education và resources.

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5. Stay in touch to tư vấn their efforts.

Any individual fundraiser can easily mix up a personal fundraising page with a chất lượng links that can be shared with family, friends và colleagues. This page includes information about the nonprofit and campaign the individual is supporting, as well as details about the team effort, if the individual is part of a collective sầu fundraising push. 

See our Resource Hub (for members, but open lớn all) for more information about creating successful peer-based fundraising campaigns.