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So I bought a "95 ZJ Larevì chưng recently và finally got some money saved up lớn refresh the suspension. It has 212k chassis miles on most of the stoông xã suspension (I"m guessing, it looks like it). It has a budget boost/spring spacer on it from the previous owner and some aftermarket shocks. It rides just fine và the lift is a good height for me. I NEED to lớn replace nearly every bushing down there it seems. My question is: what else should I replace while I"m down there khổng lồ simply freshen up the suspension, a new steering stabilizer, traông chồng bar, control arms? I"m not sure if the track bar/CA"s go bad after time...Thanks for any help :thumbsup:

Inspect/replace all control arm bushings.Inspect/replace swaybar mounting bushings and endliên kết bushingsInspect/replace trackbar bushings. It"s likely the front trackbar has a worn out rod kết thúc at the frame end of the trackbar given your mileage. Replace the trackbar in that case.Inspect/replace steering tie rod ends. And replace the steering stabilizer shochồng.There"s some good opportunities for upgrades here - skết thúc me a PM. I carry all the parts you need to lớn bởi vì the job.
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I just got bachồng from vacation và forgot I posted this thread. Thanks for the replies! I"ll sover you a PM, Kolak

Ok So I plan on doing all that is listed above by Kolak but would like to know what price range will I look at spending on these bushings and parts? And will It be affordable khổng lồ bởi vì a small BB on her as well?ALi
Same here Hey I was reading a post you wrote on Jeep forums & I had a few questions for you. I have a 96 ZJ Larevì chưng with 170,000 miles on it. I am wanting lớn replace the suspension on it & a lot of the front over steering components what would you recommend for someone who is on a budget?

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