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Coinbase: the simple, safe way khổng lồ buy, manage và sell your cryptocurrency.We’re the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, with over 56 million users across 32 countries worldwide. Coinbase allows you lớn securely buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, & many more on our easy, user-friendly phầm mềm và web platsize.Here’s a little taste of what our ứng dụng does:BUY EASILYOwn crypto lớn in an instant: Coinbase makes buying bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ethereum classic, litecoin and more simple & fast. All it takes is a ngân hàng trương mục or debit card.SUPPORTED ASSETSBitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic(ETC), Litecoin(LTC), Basic Attention Token (BAT)*, 0x, (ZRX)* and USD Coin (USDC)*.*Available in select territories.SMART TOOLSBr& new to crypto? We’ve got you covered. Stay informed with our updates and features that help you build your knowledge and your portfolio, including automatic buys và price alerts.STAY INFORMEDKeep track of your crypto: Our clear, user-friendly dashboard helps you see prices và the value of your assets, any time of day, anywhere you are through our trang web or Smartphone app.SAFETY FIRSTOver 98% of cryptocurrency is stored securely offline & the rest is protected by industry-leading online security. Your trương mục is also subject lớn the same scrupulous safety standards, including multi-stage verification & bank-cấp độ security. You can even loông xã the phầm mềm with a passcode, or remotely disable your phone’s access khổng lồ the phầm mềm if it gets lost or stolen.BEGINNER TO EXPERT, WE’RE HEREWhether you’re just starting your crypkhổng lồ journey, or a seasoned expert, you’ll find everything you need lớn build your cryplớn portfolio on Coinbase.Take the first step towards blockchain, bitcoin mining, bitcoin games, bitcoin cash games, ethereum games, litecoin games, or bitcoin trading.NEED MORE HELP?Visit for information and to liên hệ Coinbase Support.

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Coinbase is the easiest and most trusted place to lớn buy, sell, và manage your digital currency. This update includes bug fixes & performance improvements.