(of a living thing) getting its food from other plants or animals, or relating to such living things:

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Technique for enumeration of heterotrophic and phototrophic nanoplankton, using epifluorescence microscopy, and comparison with other procedures.
Thus, heterotrophic protozoa may act as an essential pathway for dissolved organic matter and as important consumers of bacteria in tank bromeliads.
The system comprises a single particulate species (heterotrophic biomass) and a single solute species, oxygen.
A heterotrophic system (one incapable of manufacturing its food), for example, may be supported by importing food from autotrophic systems located elsewhere.
The samples were tested for the presence of organic material and the total cfus for heterotrophic bacteria were determined.
The very low organic carbon and nutrient content measured in accretion ice suggests conditions that are more favourable for sustaining chemoautotrophic rather than heterotrophic biota.
Isolation and identification of heterotrophic bacteria 12 samples of shocked gneiss and of host breccia were broken open inside sterile bags using a rock hammer.
During this period, accumulation is rapid in the heterotrophic phase and slows down during the transition phase.
Locally, the role might include providing a source of organic carbon for the heterotrophic component of the intertidal community.
The embryo is heterotrophic and requires a sufficient support system to sustain growth until the seedling reaches photosynthetic, autotrophic status.
Photosynthetic microorganisms generate energy and reduce carbon dioxide, providing organic substances and oxygen that fuel processes and conversions in the heterotrophic biofilm community.
Owing to the lower denitrification rate, autotrophic denitrification has a relatively small biomass growth as compared with heterotrophic denitrification.
The preservation of these heterotrophic cysts is moderate to poor and hinders a specific determination.

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The heterotrophic bacteria population of both soils clearly have only a limited ability to grow under the strict oligotrophic conditions imposed.
Serial dilution plating methods on media for the cultivation of heterotrophic bacteria were employed.
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