Foot switch là gì

a small part of a machine or object that is pushed down with the foot to operate or move sầu the machine or object:

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a small part of a machine or vehicle that you can press down with your foot lớn operate the machine or make the vehicle move: All bicycles have a chain wheel, the purpose of which is to transmit the power from the pedals of the cyclist to lớn the chain. Often involving desk-based devices such as the mouse or joystiông chồng, or foot pedals that are used to lớn control the computer with the feet. We have such a situation of overdetermination of a kind in the fourth example, that of the car with two brake pedals. The use of close-ups here is particularly interesting; the focus is on the boys" feet và the pedals of the xe đạp moving faster & faster. I often see electric violinists who step on foot pedals, physically turning their bodies or heads towards the ground. I worked with one composer whose piece required eight continuous controller pedals arranged in a semi-circle around my chair. As roughly depicted in the sketches, these include pedals, sensors, separated or filtered audio input đầu vào. If you could lubricate your axles and cycle in a vacuum, you could travel along at a steady tốc độ for ever, without pedalling! There then follows two greatly augmented versions of the theme in dotted minims: first on the organ pedals (bar 30) & then in bar 32 in the trumpet. In many cases, these involve changes that seem obviously desirable: reduced surface noise, more readable computer screens, more reliable pitch following, more comfortable & responsive sầu pedals. Having previously tested this array, the composer was surprised to lớn find that my 5"3" frame could not straddle pedals 1 và 8 simultaneously, as his larger toàn thân easily could! Các quan điểm của những ví dụ ko diễn đạt ý kiến của các chỉnh sửa viên hoặc của University Press giỏi của các bên cấp giấy phép.

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khổng lồ press something, especially a mixture for making bread, firmly và repeatedly with the hands & fingers

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