Create your own dao easily with xdao


xDAO is an innovative sầu DeFi platsize which allows anyone to easily create Decentralized Autonomous Organizations – DAOs – for the joint management of cryplớn assets. The platform is powered by BSC, ensuring low transaction costs, high reliability and sufficient tốc độ.

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An Easy Way to lớn Create Your Own Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Launched in April 2021, xDAO is the first & the only DAO-builder on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The protocol allows users khổng lồ combine crypkhổng lồ assets from multiple partners and manage them in more efficient & secure way by using auto-generated smart contracts. A clear voting system also allows users lớn make collective sầu decisions and be confident in their exact execution.


xDAO offers a perfect solution khổng lồ anyone who wants khổng lồ easily pool resources to mange crypto assets as a DAO. The need for the service is virtually endless and includes potential users such as venture capital funds, public funds & foundations, new tech startups và freelance groups. The holders of governance tokens of a DAO created on the platsize will be able lớn jointly manage the organization’s finances; store various coins & tokens (including NFTs); determine the procedure for onboarding new members; establish rules for the minting and burning of tokens and interact directly with other DeFi protocols.


By utilizing the BSC blockchain, xDAO offers several major advantages to lớn potential DAO creators such as avoiding affordability and performance issues. Demonstrating the community support for such a service, xDAO has won a Binance Smart Chain Hackabé nhỏ in April for the development of the project.

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In May, xDAO passed a security audit by Pessimistic. Now the development team is working constantly on upgrading the user experience on the platsize. Next they are preparing for the announcement of the native token ($XDAO) và get started with the development of the second version on multi-chain (including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon và Solana). V2 is planned khổng lồ be be ready by quận 4 2021 và will also see the launch of the xuất hiện Source Web 3.0 extension (lượt thích MetaMask) to interact with all DeFi protocols.

xDAO is already fully integrated with top DeFi protocols on BSC such as 1inch:

New partnership!🤟🔥xDAO App has plugged the industry leading DEX aggregator
1inchNetwork 🔥

🔸Now your company/fund can interact with #1inch protocols via #xDAO on Binance Smart Chain🔸#BSC #BinanceSmartChain #DeFi #1inchnetwork #BUIDL #Binance #BNB #Crypto lớn #xdaotiện ích

— xDAO (
xdaoapp) May 25, 2021

To learn more about the platform visit phầm mềm.xdao.ứng dụng, follow developments và join the community on Twitter, Instagram, Medium, YouTube, Discord và Telegram.

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