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Paying with cash or credit


To pay for a single trip, you can purchase a ticket/transfer from the fare vending machine located at the station. A ticket/transfer is good for unlimited rides on the train và buses within 90 minutes from the time it was issued. Scan it on the fare vending machine or the platkhung thẻ reader before boarding.

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If you plan to ride several times, you can purchase a reloadable EasyGO fare thẻ or a multi-ride thẻ from the fare vending machine.

Paying with an EasyGO fare card

Tap your EasyGO fare thẻ on the platform thẻ reader. If you don’t have sầu an EasyGO fare card, you can buy one at the fare vending machine located at the station. Keep your card with you – it is your proof of payment.

You cannot cancel a fare payment once you have sầu tapped.

Learn more about using the fare vending machine

Transferring from the bus

When you pay your fare on the bus, you get a 90-minute transfer – either loaded directly on your fare card or as a paper ticket/transfer.

If you have a transfer on your EasyGO fare card, tap your card on the platkhung card reader, and it will register your transfer.

If you have a valid paper ticket/transfer, scan it on the platkhung thẻ reader before boarding.

Paying with a multi-ride card

The multi-ride fare thẻ is a disposable electronic thẻ that can be loaded with five sầu lớn 15 rides. It can be purchased from the fare vending machine at the station. Transfers are built in. Tap your multi-fare card on the platsize thẻ reader located at the ION station before boarding.

Paying your fare on the bus

Paying with cash

Insert coins one at a time inkhổng lồ the coin slot. The farebox does not accept pennies or bills. The farebox does not make change, so be sure you have sầu exact change.

As you insert your coins, the farebox will show how much you have deposited & how much is owing. When you have sầu paid the full fare, you will hear a ding and the farebox will display "Thank you."

If you need a transfer, wait for the transfer button screen to turn blue. Press the blaông chồng button lớn print a transfer. Chechồng when your transfer expires; the transfer is valid for 90 minutes from the time it was printed.

Using a transfer

Check the expiry time on your transfer khổng lồ make sure it"s still valid. Hold the QR code facedown to lớn the scanner on the top right corner of the farebox. If the transfer is valid, the farebox will ding và the display will show "Transfer Adult".

Paying with a U-Pass, Conestoga College pass or EasyGO fare card

The smart thẻ reader is the blue-green rectangle on the lower right corner of the farebox. Hold your thẻ level và square against the card reader and wait for the farebox to ding.

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Tips for tapping your card

Take the thẻ out of your wallet. If it"s next to lớn other smart cards, they may interfere with the signal.Hold the thẻ right against the scanner.Don"t pull your thẻ away too quickly. You"ll hear a double tone and see the message "Transaction not OK" if your payment hasn"t completed.Wait for the previous transaction khổng lồ clear. The arrow next to lớn the smart card target will turn green when it"s ready for you lớn tap.

If there is an issue with your card and the farebox isn"t able to lớn read it, you"ll hear a double tone & the farebox message will be outlined in red.

Farebox error messagesFarebox messageCard issue
Misread Media Try AgainTry tapping your thẻ again, holding it level and square against the card reader.
Smartcard Not ValidTry tapping your card again, holding it màn chơi & square against the thẻ reader. If your card still doesn"t work after several attempts, contact customer service.
Transaction Not OKYou may see this message if your thẻ is moved away from the card reader too quickly. Try tapping again, and wait for the farebox to lớn ding & the transaction to lớn complete.
Not Enough MoneyYou don"t have sầu a valid transfer, pass or enough stored value on your thẻ. The operator will ask you to pay a fare. Note: if you haveregistered your thẻ, you can run a negative balance for one trip if you don"t have enough stored value khổng lồ pay your fare.
Pass Already UsedThis message shows when a card is tapped twice on the same farebox within five sầu minutes. You may see this message if you leave your card on the thẻ reader too long after the transaction finishes.

Group fares

You can pay for another person or group of people if you have stored value loaded on your thẻ.When you board, let the operator know how many people you are paying for. They will enter the number on the farebox, và the farebox will display the total fare. cảm ứng your thẻ to lớn the smart card target to lớn pay the fare.

Please note:All of the transfers for your group will be loaded on your card. If your group splits up at a transfer point, the other members will not have transfers. The group payment option is intended for customers travelling together to their final destination.

Group fares are not currently available on ION light rail.

If you have sầu a senior or student card, the people you are paying for must also be seniors or students.

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You cannot pay for a group if you have a valid monthly or other pass on your card.