You want khổng lồ find where to trade Bitcoin with VND? Which is the best Bitcoin exchange in Vietnam? This article will help answer all your questions about fiat money và BTC/VND trading.

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Can we trade BTC with fiat money?1. Cash-out BTC through the OTC market2. Buy và Sell BTC on the P2P platform3. Trade BTC with fiat on the fiat-to-crypto lớn exchangeAll you need khổng lồ know when buying BTC with fiat money in Viet Nam

Fiat definition

A currency is a system of money created & used by a nation or region of the world. That currency is called the fiat money of the nation.

Fiat money definition.

With this fiat definition, every nation has its own fiat money. For example, the US Dollar (USD) is the fiat money of the United States, the Japanese Yen (JPY) is the fiat money of Japan.

Fiat money has many different types including coins, cash, & even digital money.

What might cause a change in the value of fiat money?

As explained, fiat money is the government-issued currency that is not backed by a physical commodity, such as gold or silver, but rather by the government that issued it.

With this in mind, the value of fiat money is derived from the relationship between supply and demvà and the stability of the issuing government. Because there’s no commodity-backed, the value of fiat money can not be changed by the value of commodities.

Fiat money is backed by the government, so a change in government regulations might cause a change in the value of fiat currency.

Can we trade BTC with fiat money?

Absolutely we can!

Although almost countries in the world have sầu not issued regulations for cryptocurrency, there are many methods for you to cash out Bitcoin or Altcoin lớn fiat money.

1. Cash-out BTC through the OTC market

Over-the-Counter (OTC) is another way to lớn trade cryplớn và fiat markets.

There are three parties participating in the cryptocurrency trading market:

The buyers to mix the bidsThe sellers to lớn mix the asksAnd the exchange to lớn be the market maker

However, on the OTC markets, the middleman (the exchange) is cut and the buyers are connected directly to the sellers.

OTC đơn hàng can be meet through phone, diễn đàn, groups on Telegram, Facebook, or any other social networks.

OTC market has both pros and cons.
AdvantagesQuickly processing: As soon as you meet your partner, you can make a khuyến mãi to lớn buy or sell BTC with fiat money. There’s no exchange (the middleman) so the buyer and seller can proceed it quickly.Flexible price: Both two parties don’t need khổng lồ pay for other fees (except the transaction fee of the network, of course) so the BTC price is more affordable và sometimes a little cheaper than the current market price.DisadvantagesExtreme high risk: Because you find your partner online, there is no guarantee that he is not a scammer. Even when he has a high reputation, your funds are always at risk. Once you lost your assets, it’s hard khổng lồ get your money bachồng.

2. Buy và Sell BTC on the P2Phường. platform

A peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange is the platkhung that connects the buyer & seller. Unlike the wild west OTC market, the P2Phường platform phối rules and regulations for its users.

With each buyer adding their own fee to lớn ensure the trade is profitable, you can expect lớn receive sầu anywhere from 1-15% below market price. Some popular P2Phường platforms offer a rating system that you can rate your partners. This helps other users to determine a reliable buyer or seller. Moreover, the platform provider uses KYC và other security methods lớn help to lớn protect users’ funds.

LocalBitcoins.com, Bbisq.network, và LocalCryptos.com are the major P2Phường platforms in the industry. Besides, you can P2Phường. markets on some crypto-to-crypto lớn exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Kucoin,…

AdvantagesMany payment methods: The P2P. platkhung accepts many payment methods that make your transaction more flexible. You can buy and sell coins not only with fiat money but also with Credit Card, PayPal, or wire transfer.DisadvantagesHigh fees: You need to pay extra fees for the platform provider. This fee is not really high but it counts much if you trade frequently.Do not tư vấn for trading: If you are a trader or want lớn make a profit from trading coins, the P2Phường platsize is not suitable. You cannot cash out as quickly as on the OTC market or trade as effectively as on the exchange.

3. Trade BTC with fiat on the fiat-to-crypto lớn exchange

A fiat-to-cryplớn exchange is a crypkhổng lồ exchange that supports fiat deposit and withdrawal. Perspicuously, the US Dollar (USD) is the fiat money that most accepted by trading platforms.

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Besides, in regulated countries, there are local exchanges that offer crypto khổng lồ local fiat currency trading. For instance, a local exchange in Korea may offer crypto/KRW trading pairs for Korean.

With this in mind, users can trade crypto coins with fiat money directly và effectively. There’s no need khổng lồ transfer fiat khổng lồ USDT & then deposit lớn an exchange. You can buy BTC directly with your fiat money in your ngân hàng trương mục.

AdvantagesThe best advantage is that you can trade coins directly with fiat money. It’s a time-saver và effective sầu way to lớn combine trading coins with cashing out to fiat.Safety guarantee: Although many exchanges have been hacked in recent years, exchanges are much safer than the wild west OTC markets. With many security methods, the risk of your funds is reduced. Moreover, major exchanges have a safe-fund to insure customers’ assets.DisadvantagesKYC processing is hard. Many people in the crypto-verse don’t lượt thích it but this is an effective sầu way for exchanges lớn protect users’ money.

All you need khổng lồ know when buying BTC with fiat money in Viet Nam

What is BTC khổng lồ VND fiat exchange rate?

Unfortunately, there is no fixed exchange rate between BTC and Viet Nam Dong (the fiat money in Vietnam).

donghotantheky.vn, the No.1 fiat-to-crypto lớn exchange in Vietnam giới.

As you know, the Bitcoin price mobilizes every minute, so does the BTC/VND exchange rate.

You can kiểm tra the current BTC/VND fiat price on the donghotantheky.vn – the Vietnam giới leading fiat-to-crypkhổng lồ exchange.

Where khổng lồ trade BTC/VND fiat in VietNam?

As previously explained, you can trade BTC (or other crypto assets) with VND (Viet Nam Fiat) through the OTC markets, on P2Phường. platforms or on the fiat-to-crypto exchange.

However, with all pros và cons, a crypto-fiat exchange is a more convenient & secure way to lớn trade BTC with VND. After depositing VND directly from your local ngân hàng trương mục to the exchange account, you can buy & sell any crypto lớn coins that the exchange offers.

Not just BTC, you can also trade ETH, XRPhường, BCH, TRX,…, & hidden gems on donghotantheky.vn Exchange!

donghotantheky.vn, the number 1 fiat-to-crypto exchange in Vietnam

donghotantheky.vn has been invested & well supported by well-known funds in the industry such as GENESIS, CONSENSUS LAB, DFG, PREANGEL, và others. donghotantheky.vn works with top projects in the world such as MakerDAO – based in Copenhagen Denmark, Conflux project – invested by Sequoia 35 million USD, DASH project (in the top trăng tròn Coinmarketcap), và TomoChain which is one of the most prominent và key projects in the Vietnamese market.

donghotantheky.vn is proud khổng lồ be the only Vietnamese exchange which has also worked with the top 4 exchanges in the world, including Binance, OKEx, Huobi, & MXC.

donghotantheky.vn is proud to lớn be the only Vietnamese exchange which has also worked with the top 4 exchanges in the world, including Binance, OKEx, Huobi, và MXC.

In terms of trading volume, donghotantheky.vn now has 80 million USD in daily trading volume. You can kiểm tra on Coingecko. And in terms of the number of users, in the Vietnamese market, donghotantheky.vn has over 150,000 users. In the Chinese market, there are over 50,000 users & the Japanese market is reaching đôi mươi,000 users.

Focusing on the VND fiat, users can trade coins such as BTC, ETH, BCH, TRX, DASH, & etc directly with the Viet Nam fiat. The exchange supports all local ngân hàng accounts that you can deposit và withdraw money in just a few minutes.

With all the achievements và milestones, donghotantheky.vn is now the leading fiat-to-cryplớn exchange in Vietnam.

Final thoughts

Vietnam giới is considered one of the most dynamic & emerging crypto markets in the world. More và more Vietnamese users have sầu entered the crypto lớn space.

That causes the increasing demvà for fiat-to-crypto exchanges for users lớn trade coins directly with VND fiat.

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Finding a reliable and secure exchange, however, is not easy. donghotantheky.vn, as the leading fiat-to-crypto exchange in Vietnam, is becoming a safe landing for those who want lớn trade BTC and coins directly with VND.