Unfortunately, Binance phầm mềm is not available on app store; it’s removed from the app store by Apple. Still, you get this tiện ích & use Binance tiện ích for trending stoông xã on any iOS device.

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Binance is the best cryptocurrency exchange tiện ích developed by a China-based company. So we can trade cryptocurrency on iPhone using Binance tiện ích. Luckily Apple is giving the option for download third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ app on the iOS device without tìm kiếm và download from phầm mềm store. Don’t be panic use below guide and follow to lớn save us from fraud or cheating.


Steps for Install và use Binance ứng dụng on iPhone, iPad

Use this liên kết for getting phầm mềm download source on your iPhone, máy tính bảng iPad Browser.

Or mở cửa this link on your Mac or PC browser, after that scan code from your iPhone camera for direct access page for download ứng dụng in your device browser.

At last, you will see “Install” button.


Finally get the confirmation popup, khổng lồ install the ứng dụng on iPhone.

Trust this app developer on your iOS device from settings app. Go to lớn the Settings app on iPhone, ipad > General > Device Management > Under the Enterprise phầm mềm > Tap on the phầm mềm name.

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From the screen below, tap on “Trust Shenzhen Posun Industry Co. LTD”. Tap on “Trust”.

Now go to lớn your iPhone home page screen and use the tiện ích like normal.

Login with your account & start trading currency without any risk.

Uninstall or Delete Non-App store phầm mềm from iPhone

We can’t find the tiện ích on App store that installed on iPhone, To see the các mục of third-party none tiện ích store app, Go to lớn the Settings > General > Device Management > Tap on App Name > Delete App.


App Users have sầu a Query on: is it safe install Binance tiện ích on iPhone

Download app source from official site only & install on your device. Otherwise, it can become a big headabít.

Because of the dummy and duplicate tiện ích can cheat your trương mục password & other details. Also can transfer cryptocurrency to lớn any account without any verification và confirmation.

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Not only Binance ứng dụng only also can use another tiện ích on your iOS device. Don’t miss to lớn cốt truyện a useful tip on your social page using below sharing button.